Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Importance Of Protein

Here at Discount Protein Supplements we are always being asked questions such as, Why do I need Protein? What benefits will I see from taking Protein? How much Protein do I need?

Well Protein is a vital component of everyone's diet whether you train or not it is an essential nutrient that will help prevent muscle breakdown.

For someone who trains regularly Protein will aid in their recovery from workouts as well as helping them build muscle and tone up. For people wishing to lose weight high protein diets are usually very beneficial.

Certain Protein Supplements are not just that, they include other ingredients such as Creatine, CLA, Green Tea, and L-Carnitine. The use of certain proteins differs depending on the users requirements.

If an individual is trying to increase muscle size and strength then the general rule is 2g of Protein Per 1Kg of body weight, for mantainance of muscle tissue at least 1.5g of Protein per 1Kg of body weight is required.

We stock a massive range of Protein Powders and if there is any questions you have or if you need help choosing the right Protein for you then please get in touch via our contact page on our site.

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