Monday, 27 May 2013

Protein Supplements

Protein Supplements

How Do Protein Supplements Work

Professional athletes, bodybuilders and gym users regularly use protein as an essential supplement in there recovery from sessions. Protein supplements are used to increase muscle mass, supplement meals, and speed up recovery time when combined with regular exercise. Protein Supplements are mostly powdered formulas which can be mixed with milk, water or fruit juices to make a tasty shake. But also available as many Ready to Drink forms.

How do supplements speed up the muscle growth process?

Protein provides your body with ability to create the amino acids which are required to build muscle tissue faster. Physical activity requires higher levels of protein to help your body recover, by increasing your protein intake you are allowing your muscles more fuel to recover, growing faster as a result.

Taking extra protein before and after you exercise is a great way of optimising muscle development whilst also improving the overall immune health aiding to stay healthier, fitter and stronger for longer through intense training. 


Protein supplements are not just for building muscle or increasing bogy mass, there is a variey of diet protein supplements which are design to increase metabolic rates or minimise food cravings by helping you stay fuller for longer.

Whey protein supplements offer superior results for muscle gain, although if you suffer from bloating or are lactose intolerant you may wish to use a different type of Protein, at Discount Protein Supplements we will always be able to assist you in any queries you may have or any more information you may need.

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Discount Protein Supplements

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ronnie Coleman - Pro Antium

Has there ever been a greater bodybuilder than Ronnie Coleman many would say NO!!

Now King Ron himself wants to help you become the best you possibly can, by using his very own Signature Series Supplements.

Ronnie has worked very closely with manufacturers to ensure his products are as good as they say, he has personally been involved in the entire manufacture and design process bringing you what he believes are the most complete and pure supplements available in the world.

The range started of with just a Pre-Workout (myo-blitz) and a GH Stimulator and Sleep Aid (ressurect-pm) closely followed by a test booster (testogen xr).

But the real standout product was the inclusion of Pro-Antium a revolutionary protein blend available in 3 great flavours. Unlike most normal protein blends this product packs a massive 29 grams of protein per serving aswell as 10 grams of complex carbohydrates.But in doing this the team have not sacrificed the value for money element of the product as you still get a generous 50 servings from the 2.27kg tub.

So to sum it up not only is it available at an unbeatable price from Discount Protein Supplements but the highlights are visible below:

Product Highlights    - Multifaceted Protein Blend for Complete Recovery    - Fortified with 3.5g BCAAs, 5g Creatine, and 2.5g Betaine    - REAL Cookie Pieces and Only 1g of Sugar    - 29g Protein per Scoop    - 50 Servings per Bottle

For more information on this product or any of our other Discount Supplements do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website.

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Monday, 20 May 2013


More and more people are using Glutamine as an essential daily supplement and it's easy to see why when you look at the main health benefits associated with the supplement.

Studies have shown that using Glutamine daily can minimise breakdown of muscle tissue as well as improving protein metabolism.

Glutamine makes up over 60% of skeletal muscle making it one of the most common amino acids found in your muscles.
Glutamine is the main transporter of nitrogen into your muscle cells. 

During your workouts the levels of Glutamine are majorly depleted in your body this can lead to a decrease in strength, stamina and recovery. It can take nearly a week for your Glutamine levels to return to normal and with the vital role Glutamine plays in protein synthesis you really need to keep your levels at normal all the time to feel the full benefit of your training.

There is no better time to take Glutamine than when you are in a dieting phase, when your body may be depleted of carbohydrates and fats there is a danger of muscle wastage. Glutamine can really help with tissue breakdown.

How Much Should You Supplement With?

Bodybuilders should take 10 to 15 grams of Glutamine a day - using it 2 to 3 times daily, with each serving at around 5 grams. You may already be getting some Glutamine in your diet from other supplements you're taking. Many protein supplements already have some Glutamine mixed into it, so read the labels to know for sure. Best times to take Glutamine powder is in the morning, after a workout, and at night before bed time

If you need any more information on Glutamine or any other discount supplements get in touch via the contact page on site.

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Discount Protein Supplements

Friday, 17 May 2013

Gaspari Myofusion Elite

You spoke and they listened!

Gaspari Nutrition have really out done themselves with there brand new product Myofusion Elite Series.
It was roughly 12 months ago that Gaspari replaced the ever popular Myofusion Hydro with the Myofusion Probiotic Series, in what turned out to be a very unpopular move with Myofusion fans worldwide.
The introduction of Brown Rice Protein did not appeal to many people due to the reputation as a cheap form of protein. Another negative point was that Myofusion Hydro was renowned for its amazing flavour and mix ability, however the Probiotic version mixed well but left a acidic after taste in the mouth.

So after many months of investigation the Myofusion Elite was formed, it truly is a product to out do even the Myofusion Hydro. The taste is amazing and the powder mixes with ease. The inclusion of a brand new flavour in Peanut Butter Cookie Dough has proved a favourite with customers worldwide.


But as they say the proof is in the pudding so grab yourself a tub today from Discount Protein Supplements while it's on offer for a great price of £39.99

As always if you require any advice on this product or any other protein supplements then never hesitate to contact us.

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Discount Protein Supplements

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Benefits Of Post Workout Protein.

A lot of people ask us via our online store, what is the main benefit of taking protein after training?
And the answer is really quite simple.

You go to the Gym to work your body in a way that for most is un-natural, you use muscles that you may not of otherwise used during your general day to day activity. Therefore your muscles are going to be fatigued and need to recover as soon as possible. The higher the amount of Protein intake the quicker your muscles will recover therefore getting in that post workout shake is essential.

Over the next few weeks we will be blogging on the different types of proteins with detailed information on each of there benefits. We will also be doing some individual product blogs on our best discount protein products to help you choose the right powder for you.

Stay Tuned

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Protein Bars

When you are determined to keep a healthy clean diet, preparation is key how many people do you know that spend a few hours a night prepping their meals for the next day, using endless amounts of Tupperware and tin foil and ramming that cool bag with all their daily essentials.

However there is one issue that comes with trying to maintain this type of diet and that is convenience. For a lot of people it is simply not possible to maintain a regime of eating every 2-3 hours so looking for an easier and quicker alternative is always the best step.

For some people a protein shake works best but for others this does not seem an adequate substitute for food as it may not cure there hunger cravings. This is why more and more people are purchasing Protein Bars, not only are they great tasting they contain all the necessary ingredients to make a fully nutritious snack that will still keep your metabolism kicking over even if it feels like your cheating by eating a chocolate bar.

Protein content varies greatly from 10g to 50g depending on what brand and size of bar you choose. Whereas some bars are virtually carbohydrate and fat free.

Check out our site for our vast range of protein bars,cookies, and flapjacks available at the very best prices along with all our other discount supplements you really can get more nutrition for less.

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Discount Protein Supplements

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fat Burning Supplements

At Discount Protein Supplements we stock a massive range of Fat Burning Supplements or Fat Burners to really help you shed those unwanted extra few pounds.

We stock some of the best brands on the market from USN to Grenade. If you can't find a Fat Burner for you on our site there is a good chance it doesn't exist, if you need any advise on any of our products remember to always ask and one of our experts will be glad to assist you.

In addition to these products they are more effective when used whilst maintaining a healthy balanced diet. Using dietary protein supplements such as a lean whey protein blend will really help you keep your diet in order. And if like many people you lead a hectic lifestyle maybe try using the Burners in conjunction with a Meal Replacement Product (MRP).

For any more info on any of the products mentioned feel free to get in touch.

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Discount Protein Supplements

Friday, 3 May 2013

Multi Vitamin Supplements

At Discount Protein Supplements we don't just specialise in Discount Protein and Fat Burners we are big on general health supplements as well such as multi vitamins and minerals. As well as many herbal supplements such as ecinichea and glucosamine.

One of our best selling multi vitamin and mineral products is Armor-V by MusclePharm. This supplement provides a comprehensive blend of natural ingredients formulated to give your body everything it needs to perform to the max of your ability. In MusclePharm Armor-V you will find pure vegetable and fruit derivatives that are well known to be rich in antioxidants and formulas to optimise your bodies performance. So if you Train hard and want to improve your recovery and performance then Armor-V is really the supplement for you.

Directions for taking Armor-V is as follows:
Take 1 serving (6 capsules) daily. For competitions and intense training sessions: take 2 servings daily – 1 serving (6 capsules) in the morning, 1 serving (6 capsules) in the afternoon. Drink with plenty of water.

Armor-V is just one of the massive selection of health supplements available at Discount Protein Supplements, if you need any advice or guidance on any products on our site feel free to contact us and please check out our blog for future products.

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

PhD - Pharma Whey

Pharma Whey HT 4.5kg has quickly become a leading whey protein product throughout Europe. The product consists of a very complex protein blend using some of the purest and quality proteins on the market today. 

Pharma Whey HT includes Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate to ensure that it really is of the highest quality, including WPI in the product aids in maximum absorption of protein content at any time of the day.

As the product is loaded with BCAAs and L-Glutamine it makes Pharma Whey HT the perfect supplement to support lean muscle growth and recovery from strenuous training regimes.

Per 50g serving this great product delivers 37g of Protein with 4.5g Carbohydrates and only 4g of fat. So wether your trying to gain mass or lose fat this really is a versatile product for you. 

At Discount Protein Supplements we aim to bring you the best prices on the very best products and although this product is not in the category of Discount Supplements it is definitely great value for money, but if there are any other products you require more information on please do not hesitate to contact us at 

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