Friday, 21 June 2013

Glucosamine Sulphate

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring nutrient which has been shown to support the maintenance of healthy joints. Glucosamine is a major component of cartilage which is the body tissue used to absorb impact and cushion our joints when we move, without cartilage every movement we make would be painful. Cartilage is particularly vulnerable to wear and tear and over time its health may deteriorate to leave us with painful and stiff joints. Research suggests that Glucosamine may help repair damaged connective tissue such as cartilage and regenerate these tissues in the body.

It is suggested that Glucosamine can increase the resilience of your cartilage by increasing the presence of water and nutrients within the joint. A number of studies even suggest Glucosamine may help re-build new cartilage once damage occurs, helping to restore joint function and mobility.

The power of Glucosamine is particularly important for those who are physically active and exercise on a regular basis as they are more prone to premature degeneration of their joints through repetitive movements and exercise.

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