Thursday, 27 June 2013


Hoodia originates from the Namib desert where it was used for many years by the San people as an appetite suppressant. South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research realized that the plant was marketable and patented its use as an appetite suppressent.

This makes Hoodia a very effective supplement whether it is weight loss or appetite control you are trying to achieve.

Hoodia by DA Fitness contains 200mg of Hoodia per capsule and states that it will increase energy levels whilst also promoting weight loss by supressing the users appetite. Whilst also supplying the user with a serving of vital antioxidants, the tub contains 90 tablets that depending on how many you take per serving will last the user between 1-3 months.

This product is available along with many other discount supplements on our website, and as always you will find we are always willing to help out with any advice you may need.

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