Saturday, 11 May 2013

Protein Bars

When you are determined to keep a healthy clean diet, preparation is key how many people do you know that spend a few hours a night prepping their meals for the next day, using endless amounts of Tupperware and tin foil and ramming that cool bag with all their daily essentials.

However there is one issue that comes with trying to maintain this type of diet and that is convenience. For a lot of people it is simply not possible to maintain a regime of eating every 2-3 hours so looking for an easier and quicker alternative is always the best step.

For some people a protein shake works best but for others this does not seem an adequate substitute for food as it may not cure there hunger cravings. This is why more and more people are purchasing Protein Bars, not only are they great tasting they contain all the necessary ingredients to make a fully nutritious snack that will still keep your metabolism kicking over even if it feels like your cheating by eating a chocolate bar.

Protein content varies greatly from 10g to 50g depending on what brand and size of bar you choose. Whereas some bars are virtually carbohydrate and fat free.

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